Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Panembahan Senopati Animation Trailer!!

WAARRGGHHHH!!!!  At lasttt.....   4 months of struggling are worth it.  Our animation project of PANEMBAHAN SENOPATI is completely done!!!  It is not the best animation that we have but it contains a lot of valuable memories  and so many expressions in this animation.  There is nothing in this world are done without any obstacles but I'm so relieved when we managed to overcome the problem and completing the animation.  From this project, I've learned what the true meaning of friendship, what is teammates, who can be expected and who not.  Thanks to all my teammates that are working on this project especially to Muzzammil Jamaluddin as our Triump card and 'tulang belakang' in this project.  Glad to have him in this team and also other team members like Wan, Aizam, Ichigo, Ironman, and Adli, they all have their own expertise.

 I would like to give a thanks to UniKL for giving us a chances to participate in this project and also Poliseni Jogja for guide us through this project.  Thanks also to all families, lecturers and also friends either from Malaysia or from Yogyakarta for supporting us.


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