Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!!!

Hye there guys!!!  Shaun would like to wish to all of animators, animation lovers and all people especially to Malaysians a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Hope that this new year will bring more better life to all of us.  Don't let your pass let you down, but make it as a lessons to improve yourself.  Special advice to all Malaysians, please support our local films, animations and musics industries.  If not us to support them, who else?  Give your support to our local products first before foreign's.  MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am SORRY!!!

Hai there guys!!! I would like to apologize about my out-of-dated animation blog. This is because I am quiet busy for this time, so, I don't have time to search for any new materials to be adds in my blog. However, I promise that my blog will be activate again as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenient, I hope you'll keep visit and reading my blog. Thank you for supporting me and also animation. PEACE!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Design your own Character

This time, I will teach you how to design your own character. This is also known as Character Design. Before you make a comic or cartoon, you must have a character first, so, pay your attention on this tutorial. This is my first tutorial, sorry for any mistake. Alright then, lets get started....!!!!

  • Firstly, you must have a storyline for your character. Determine what kind of your story type, is it action, comedy, drama or else. Make a synopsis about your story. This is called treatment. For this tutorial, I will used my Character Design Final Project.
  • Next, make your character profiles. Your character profiles should be related to your treatment or storyline. Make it details as possible.
  • Then, search for as many reference as you can. This is for how your character will look likes. The researches must be suitable and related with your treatment and your character profiles. For example, if you make a character in an ancient time, don't ever use Cloud Strife as your reference. Unless your lecturer is supporting and open minded.
  • Now, time to create your character. First stage, you must do Sketches for your character. This is called OFF MODELS. Make sure your character personaliti is same with your character's profiles. Your character's props, weapons, clothes or anything else must be logically. Unless your lecturer thinking are out of box. Before proceed to the next step, make sure your character have been approved by your lecturer(if you have one).

  • Still focus on OFF MODELS mode, but now, we will make Thumbnails. Thumbnails is variation style and design of your same character such as body type, face type, eyes type, clothes, hair style and many more.
  • After choosen your character style, now you can proceed to the next stage that is ON MODELS. Firstly, make your character's Body and Head Rotation. This is to see how will your character looks like in four side of view that is Front, 3/4, Side and Back.
  • Now, make your character's Body and Head Construction. This is as a guide for you and other people to draw your character next time. In case of you forget how to draw your character.
  • You about to finish your designing, but there still have somethings not done yet. Expressions of are important in making cartoon, without expressions, your character will look numb. Therefore, draw at least six main expressions of your character.
  • Don't forget to draw also your character's Costume Details and Props Design.
  • This is a Colour Scheme for your character.
  • Last but not least (typical sentence), compare your character with other characters in your story.

Thank you for spends your time to read my tutorial. I hope it will help you to design your cartoon character in a proper ways. Sorry for my horrible English. See you again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

After a longwaits....

At last, after a longwaits, our semester has come to the end!!!  However, its a little bit of sadness for animation students because we have to EXTENDS our semester for a week.  It kinda pressure for us to seeing other students carry out bags from the college, while we still doing our assignments.  Why do we have to extends??  Good question!!!  It is because we have a 'FINAL ARTWORK PRESENTATION' for subject Drawing 1.  YEEAAHHH!!!!!  This is the day where all of our artwork from the first assignment until final project will be condemn and criticsice by MR. M and his recruits.  Hope Mr. M don't condemn my artwork so hard!!

Note: poster is designed by Dean Shaari and of couse, I take it from his blog!!!  Sory Dean...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

End of Presentation!!!

YEAAHH!!!!  We have done our Principle and Timing 1 presentation last thursday(30/10/2008) and we feel like the heavy stone on our head had fall off.  Now we only have to wait for Story Structure Presentation.  I feel very nervous during the presentation because I'm the person who have to presents.  After the presentation, I feel very happy and more optimistic but I have a little bit unsatisfied about my presentation because its so numb... =_=".  This is the short video of my animation compilation that I have presented lately.  Enjoy watching.... yea, I know I'm a noob!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sambutan Hari Raya!!

    Dalam diam sudah hampir sebulan kita beraya dan dah nak abih raya dahpun.  Pada tanggal 15/10/2008 yang lalu, kami warga ANIMATION UniKL telah mengadakan Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya kecil-kecilan di UniKL, Tingkat 12, Animation Studio.  Majlis ini merupakan anjuran Seniors kami.  Makanan utama kami ialah.....  SAATTAAYYY!!!  YEAAAHHH!!!!  Bercucuk-cucuk kami makan.  Disini ada disertakan gambar-gambar ketika majlis itu berlangsung...  Tak banyak sgt dan tidak bergitu menarik....  Minta maaf arr gambar seniorpown takde...  hehe.... SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

UniKL Students and Cosplayers Meet-ups!!!!

*Attention to all UniKL Students especially members of ANIMATION CLUB!!

There will be a Meet-ups between experiences cosplayers and students of UniKL in this month. It will be conducted by our senior, JiJah, 3rd sem of DIA student. This is the information what I've got:

Date : 20th of September (SATURDAY)
Time : 5.30 p.m.(everyone gathers) 6.00p.m (class started XD)
Venue : Time Square food court, level 10.

Cosplayers who involved:
phreakyfish a.k.a CAPPY-SAMA OAO
Izumi Ishtar
Sumomo *

* = not confirmed.

For those who are really LOVE and INTERESTED in COSPLAYING, you are pleasurely invited!!!

For more Information visit:



Saturday, August 30, 2008

2 Months in UniKL

This is my first time doing blogging and also my first post after 2 months in UniKL. I'm in a semester break right now, so I have time to blogging.

I'm taking Diploma In Animation at UniKL, MIIT. That's why this blog is special only for my experiences during study animation at UniKL. In this blog, I will post all about my artworks and also my animation that I've done for my assignment and exercises. Beside that, I will review and preview about our Animation Club events and programs.

Althought, it is only 2 months at here, I have lot of exciting experiences with my friends, seniors and also lecturers. Animation course in UniKL have the smallest students among the others with only 40-50 students per intake. Thats make us so close together and we're just like family. We are differents from other courses like Multimedia, Networking, IT and so on, because we were just like in our own world. All animation students have same interests, almost same behavior, repect towards each other (not all) and also 'crazy'. Our seniors also nice, they treated us well just like our brothers and sisters. Juniors and seniors are bonds together just like friends but we also respecting each others.

Study animation sometimes makes me feel very tension because of a lot of works , with lecturers that always rejecting our works. Sometimes I blanked in searching for ideas but thats all I can push it aside because I love animation. I have a very big mission in this field of works, but when I said to the others, they make fun of me. I don't know why? Maybe they think there is impossible to do that in Malaysia. I want to build a big empayar of video games, animations and comics in Malaysia. I don't care what people say, I will try harder as I can. Then I'll leave it all to my fate.

Maybe thats all I can write for now ( because I have no idea what to write anymore... lol ). I will post animation some other times. Thanks for visit my blog. I have just one request, please support our local animations, films, and musics industry!!! PLEEAASSEEE!!! I'm BEGGING you!!! Support Malaysia first.

Thank you.