Sunday, December 13, 2009

MSC Malaysia Kre8tif - Infinite Minds, Unlimited Passions!!!!

MSC Malaysia has organize a biggest animation and gaming conference in Malaysia for the first time titled Kre8tif - Infinite Minds, Unlimited Passions.  It been held at Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur in Three Days (7th, 8th and 9th December 09). Almost all the biggest name in this industry have participated as a speakers such as Eric Rollman (president of Marvel Comics), John Stevenson (director of Kungfu Panda), Adam Ibramowitz (Writer/producer of McGuyver, 12 Jump Street, V and so on), Norman Abd Halim (President of KRU studios), Larry Bafia (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts), Usamah Zaid (Creative Director, Les' Copaque), Nizam Abd Razak (Animonsta Studios) and many more!!!  Its so cool to be surround by all these amazing people for 3 days and a lot of good tips they share with us.  I hope this event will be conduct again next year (xpuas tangkap gambar.. hehehe...)!!!  Here are some photos that I managed to take... sorry for the CRAP qualities!!!



kidzheart said...

x ajak pom!

Anonymous said...

fux! mst bes kan..? rugi x g.. aduh!

SyazZ_One said...

hehe... bleh arr tahan... ade yg best ada x best... yang xbeshnyer blew ade speaker yg present cam dak U sem 1.... hahaha... yang beshnyer dpt jumpe sume nama2 besar dowh!!