Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Design your own Character

This time, I will teach you how to design your own character. This is also known as Character Design. Before you make a comic or cartoon, you must have a character first, so, pay your attention on this tutorial. This is my first tutorial, sorry for any mistake. Alright then, lets get started....!!!!

  • Firstly, you must have a storyline for your character. Determine what kind of your story type, is it action, comedy, drama or else. Make a synopsis about your story. This is called treatment. For this tutorial, I will used my Character Design Final Project.
  • Next, make your character profiles. Your character profiles should be related to your treatment or storyline. Make it details as possible.
  • Then, search for as many reference as you can. This is for how your character will look likes. The researches must be suitable and related with your treatment and your character profiles. For example, if you make a character in an ancient time, don't ever use Cloud Strife as your reference. Unless your lecturer is supporting and open minded.
  • Now, time to create your character. First stage, you must do Sketches for your character. This is called OFF MODELS. Make sure your character personaliti is same with your character's profiles. Your character's props, weapons, clothes or anything else must be logically. Unless your lecturer thinking are out of box. Before proceed to the next step, make sure your character have been approved by your lecturer(if you have one).

  • Still focus on OFF MODELS mode, but now, we will make Thumbnails. Thumbnails is variation style and design of your same character such as body type, face type, eyes type, clothes, hair style and many more.
  • After choosen your character style, now you can proceed to the next stage that is ON MODELS. Firstly, make your character's Body and Head Rotation. This is to see how will your character looks like in four side of view that is Front, 3/4, Side and Back.
  • Now, make your character's Body and Head Construction. This is as a guide for you and other people to draw your character next time. In case of you forget how to draw your character.
  • You about to finish your designing, but there still have somethings not done yet. Expressions of are important in making cartoon, without expressions, your character will look numb. Therefore, draw at least six main expressions of your character.
  • Don't forget to draw also your character's Costume Details and Props Design.
  • This is a Colour Scheme for your character.
  • Last but not least (typical sentence), compare your character with other characters in your story.

Thank you for spends your time to read my tutorial. I hope it will help you to design your cartoon character in a proper ways. Sorry for my horrible English. See you again.

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Dean Shaari said...

kau patut ganti En.Li ajar CD I
cool gler
I understand more kot from your post than the boring lectures given by you know who
hahaha (Just Kidding En.Li, U RULE!)